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Goldman and Hennrich Announce Candidacies, Still No Word From Haynes

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As I’m sure everyone knows by now, former SIUC Chancellor Sam Goldman officially announced his candidacy for mayor last Friday. This was no big surprise, as it was reported last month that he planned to run. He joins previously announced candidates Brent Ritzel, Joel Fritzler, and George Maroney.

From the Southern Illinoisan article:

Goldman said he wants to improve the city’s business climate and would review regulatory policies and actions to make sure there aren’t unnecessarily burdensome. He also said he would encourage entrepreneurial spirit to promote the innovation and creativity of business-minded citizens.

Goldman said he wants to maintain the city’s strong bond with SIUC and work with the university on attracting and retaining faculty and staff. He also said he would have conversations with students at City Hall and act on good suggestions to make sure the city is student-friendly.

“We need to do that,” Goldman said. “It’s not enough to have a sign that says ‘Welcome to Saluki Country.'”

It’s good that Goldman is interested in improving the business climate, and he is right to target regulatory policies. Title 5 of the Carbondale Revised Code contains sixteen chapters of business regulations, and some of them are unnecessary. For example, did you know a pushcart vendor can’t operate before 1:00 pm on a Sunday? Is that regulation necessary?

Goldman mentions working with SIUC to attract and retain faculty and making the city more student friendly, and these are worthy goals. Still, enrollment declined during Goldman’s tenure as chancellor so I’d like to see some specifics on what he thinks the city can do to help turn SIUC around.

The Carbondale Times (no website) reported last week that Jerrold Hennrich is planning a run for city council. Hennrich is a student at SIUC. Every city council election features a student candidate or two, and they never win, but Hennrich could potentially be an exception if he runs a good campaign.

Students aren’t usually considered permanent residents and that is a major obstacle they face in local elections, but Hennrich is a home owner, so it looks like he’s planning to stay. He’s also a member of the Elks, so he has at least some ties to the community. At 26, he’s also older than the average student candidate, and he already has one bachelor’s degree.

The Times article didn’t mention any specific platform items, so Hennrich’s goals for the community aren’t clear. Without specific plans, Hennrich will likely join previous student candidates in defeat.

There has still been no official announcement from current councilman Steven Haynes on his plans for the election. Haynes could run for mayor, or for another term on city council, or neither. The rumor is that Haynes plans to run for mayor. A fifth candidate would trigger a primary election.

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Written by The Carbondale Observer

November 8, 2010 at 7:45 am

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