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Dietz Out as Vice-Chancellor

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SIUC announced that Larry Dietz is leaving his position as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The change is part of a larger reorganization with the goal of setting up a University College. From the Saluki Times release:

Within the University College framework, the following offices will report to Gary Minish, incoming provost and senior vice chancellor: New Student Programs, Career Services, Supplemental Instruction, Pre-Major Advisement, University 101, Center for Academic Success, Student Support Services, and Residential Life.

In addition, Disability Support Services, Veterans Services, Student Legal Services, Student Judicial Affairs, and Multicultural Programming report to Peter Gitau, dean of students, who also reports to Minish. The provost and senior vice chancellor’s office also will have oversight of International Programs and Services.

The bursar’s office is now part of Enrollment Management.

The following units report to Kevin Bame, vice chancellor for administration and finance: Housing, Recreational Sports & Services, Student Health Center, Counseling Center, Rainbow’s End, Student Center and Student Development.

It looks like Minish and Bame are the big winners here, as they basically split the Student Affairs division.

Minish gets International Programs and Services, plus Gitau and most of the offices under him. Bame gets most of the rest of the Student Affairs division. Bame also gets Rainbow’s End, the Counseling Center, and Student Development, all of which formerly reported to Gitau. The bursar’s office, which previously reported to Bame, will now report to Nicklow, who reports to Minish.

Meanwhile, Dietz will be a tenured professor in educational administration and higher education. He will also have unspecified “administrative and academic responsibilities.” There will be no interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

It looks like the University College is intended to improve services to first and second year students. From the Saluki Times:

“The University College model has proven effective at colleges and universities throughout the country,” Cheng said. “The steps we are taking build on Saluki First Year, which is having a very positive impact on our first-year students. This expanded approach will help us more effectively meet the needs of our first- and second-year students and help them achieve their goal of earning a degree.”

In announcing the reporting line changes, Cheng also referred to efforts to “strengthen enrollment management, integrate academic and student affairs, as well as achieve greater administrative efficiencies.”

I’m cautiously optimistic about the University College idea, although I think the assignment of half the Student Affairs division to Bame is a little odd. The bursar’s office was the main student services unit under Bame before the shakeup, and it was reassigned to Minish.

Meanwhile, Bame picked up several new student services functions. If the goal is to integrate academic and student affairs, it seems to me that Student Development and Recreational Sports should have gone to Minish.

Still, I think centralizing all aspects of enrollment and retention management makes a lot of sense. I think Chancellor Cheng is serious about turning SIUC around. She stumbled a bit on the furlough issue, but she reversed herself. Cheng has also shown a willingness to remove administrators if necessary.

If you want to see another University College, click here to view the University of Oklahoma’s. To see the old organizational chart for the Vice Chancellor or Student Affairs, click here (pdf). To see the entire SIUC organizational chart, click here (pdf).

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Written by The Carbondale Observer

December 8, 2010 at 7:45 am

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