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Carbondale Census Data

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The Census Bureau released some 2010 census data for Illinois on Tuesday. Carbondale’s official city population was 25,902. The population of Carbondale township was 29,544.

I also checked the populations of some neighboring towns. Marion’s population was 17,193. Murphysboro had 7,970 people – quite a decrease from the 2000 census. Herrin’s population was 12,501, and Carterville’s was 5,496.

Jackson County’s population was 60,218. Williamson County’s population was 66,357 – a big increase from the 2000 census.

You can search the 2010 census data here.

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  1. Murphysboro is likely down quite a bit because remember in 2000 the census somehow counted the towers on SIU campus as a part of Murphysboro. You have to get the adjusted figure for 2000 for both communities.

    Check out the article, “Census Mistakes: Count on it” from March 2001 in the Southern Illinoisan –

    Jon Musgrave

    February 21, 2011 at 9:20 pm

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